Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Work Work Work.......

It seems like all I do lately is work. I feel as if I live at the Hospital. In fact, I am blogging from the hospital right now...I have had back-to-back patients all night, and am enjoying a few minutes of no patients. Oh yeah, did I mention I am working ALL NIGHT??? Our 3rd shift sonographer called in sick, and I am on call. So I am pulling a 16 hour shift and will leave at 7 in the morning.

WOW.... I feel better now that I just complained for 5 sentences (Does anyone feel sorry for me yet??)

I have accepted a new position to work 3 12 hour shifts. So I will work Monday, Wed, and Thursdays from 10:30am to 11:00pm. I will start the new hours as soon as they hire someone to replace me....who knows when that will be. Joey is starting 3 12's next week... so we will work 2 days together and be off 1 day together. Its going to be an awesome schedule.

On a different note, a lady from our church called and asked if Joey and I would be in a video. They want to film us telling our story...on how we met...Joey's journey to accepting growth through watching Joey's transformation, etc. SSoo... it looks like we will start filming the week we get back from our honeymoon. Interesting huh?