Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Grammie Update

Grammie's surgery went well....she was awake within 35 minutes. Since the surgery, she has not had any pain meds, has been up and to physical therapy twice, and is knitting away.

Thanks for your prayers!!

Monday, February 9, 2009


I have a prayer request...

My grandmother (most of you know her as Grammie) fell and broke her hip yesterday.

She is having surgery tomorrow. There is more risk involved in putting her to sleep b/c of her age....she is 94. The goal is to keep her under no more than 30 minutes. So please pray that they are able to get in and do what they need to do without complications.


Saturday, February 7, 2009

A New Floor and More!

About a year ago, Joey and I started renovating his house. We didn't do any real renovations....mostly cosmetic stuff.... but, oh quite a lot of cosmetic stuff...and when you are doing all the work yourself, you think you are doing major renovations.
Here is a before and after of the kitchen:

BEFORE (well, half painted...mid renovations)


We quit 'renovating' when we got really sick of it.
BUT, I am pround to say that this past week, Joey and I finished painting the upstairs, re-caulked, replaced more doorknobs, etc.
The biggest news of all is that we are going to get new floors! We met with our contractor guy today and picked out all the stuff. Joey decided that we could save money by pulling up the old floors we spent the day pulling up floors. I am impressed with our progress, but we still have some work to do before Tuesday.

The Den was the first floor to go!! It was actually very easy.

Goodbye linoleum that is impossible to clean!!!

Joey worked on the 'hardwood' section . It proved to be pretty horrible. He had to chissel each little peice up.

Joey chisseling away....

And still in the same spot an hour later....

The dogs were so confused

Poor Joey...

He finally finished!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009


I know we have not updated our blog in forever.....sorry....we have been SOSOSO busy!
We took a road trip to Mississippi in December. We had an awesome was so great that Joey finally got to meet all of our MS friends. We spent Christmas morning in Jackson...and headed back to NC that afternoon. It was such a fun trip...thanks to all our friends who went out of their way to meet Joey...many of whom meant so much!

Joey is a HUGE West Virginia fan. My parents gave us tickets to their bowl game in Charlotte...they played North Carolina.

His cousin and a few friends came down from West Virginia and spent the night...we had a great time!
Oh yeah.... and they WON!!!

We went to West Virginia the next weekend to celebrate Christmas with Joey's dad and his wife.
We also spent some time with his grandparents. It was a good trip.

My aunt Jan is a Disney World Vacation Club Member...and she invited the whole fam to Disney. Joey nor I had never been, so we were soooo excited!! We went the last week of January(highly crowds). Disney is the coolest place on amazing...

The whole family.... are we tourists are what??

We totally rocked Mickeyt-shirts....sweet huh??

Katie loves her JoJo