Sunday, October 5, 2008

Showers CAN be fun!

Life is crazy insane in Winston Salem. How in the world can a wedding for 18 people demand so much preperation?? And lets just say this.... If I were having a regular Jackson wedding, I know for a fact I would be a bridezilla. I hope I have'nt gone that far, but its amazing how picky I am being about silly things.

I had my bridal portraits yesterday...I was totally dreading them, but I had so much fun. My photographer is awesome....makes you feel very relaxed. That being said, my dress got just another things to add to the list...hope it can be cleaned by Sat!

The Nuclear Medicine dept put together a shower for us last was totally awesome.... Why??
1)Because I have been to tons of showers, and this was the first one that was actually for me (haha)
2) We did it Mexican style -- it was at Don Juans...our favorite mexican restaurant
3) Our bestest friends in NC were all there
4) We got some awesome AWESOME gifts.

Thanks so much to Stacie and the others in Nucs for putting everything together...and to Tina (Joeys sister) for doing all the decorations. I have posted some picts....they are pretty hilarious.

Laughing...b/c the J is backwards on the cake!

They fixed it... cute cake huh? Cute monogram huh?

Joey being goofy

This is my favorite picture of the night....

Joey "What is it? "
Lindsey "Um...Im not sure either"

It was a bread and butter plate

(I thought it was missing the I know the difference b/t a saucer and a bread and butter plate)

Joey's mom and sister gave us a Kitchen Aid Mixer.... We were so excited

At the end of the shower, they brought in the last presents...

and obviously, by the looks on our faces, we could'nt believe it.....

Nuclear Medicine gave us 2 28' pieces of luggage that we had registered for.
O aid mixer in one hand and luggage in the other...
It was such a great night and we will remember it always. Thanks to everyone who came...

6 days to go.....