Saturday, October 25, 2008


Haloween came early at our house. The dogs got dressed up in their costumes and Joey and I carved pumpkins. It was hilarious!

They turned out pretty cute huh?? Can you guess who carved which pumpkin???

So...Buddy is a cow, Kiki is a lobster, Zoe is a tiger, and Maddie is...well, she is wearing a tuxedo costume.

Buddy is scared of the we only got one shot and it didnt turn out that great....but he was too cute. We have been calling him our "cow boy".

Of course, Zoe had to have 2 she was also a dinosaur.

She is such a poser!

Saturday was the best day EVER. Since we have 4 dogs, the house has to be vacuumed just about everyday. I have always had a cheap vacuum cleaner, and Joey has always used a shop vac....I HATE using the shop vac b/c it is huge and annoying, but it works well with the dog hair. So, my mother and I started doing research on the best vacuum cleaner(thanks Mom). WELL, After lots of research, WE PURCHASED THE MOST AWESOME VACUUM CLEANER EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never thought I would be so excited about a vacuum cleaner.... but I so am. If anyone is looking into getting a good vacuum....I did the reasearch, and can help you out.

Isnt she beautiful??? I am so proud....

The leaves are changing colors here in North Carolina. So after church on Sunday, we took a 30 min scenic drive to the mountains. The leaves had not changed quite as much in the mountains as they have here in the piedmont...but it was still a gorgeous drive.