Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Last week.....

Kiki, (our chow-mix) tore her ACL a few months ago...we were hoping it would heal on its own...but it didn't. SSOO... last Wednesday, she had ACL surgery. She has been so pitiful!! Here is a picture of her at her pre-op consult.

And these are her post-op picts....doesn't she look sad?? She is actually doing very well....just a little embarassed by the 'hair-cut'

My parents came in town last rained the entire weekend, but we still had fun. Here we are at dinner.

We went to a wine tasting at Childress was really nice and fun.

On Tuesday, we decided to plant some Leyland Cypress trees in our backyard. They grow very well in NC, and are great for privacy purposes. Somehow, those 9 little trees turned into a whole big landscaping challange. Before we realized what we were getting into, we were digging up the front yard!

The worst part was getting in between all these roots....

We were pleased with Phase 1. Who knows what phase II will consist of... but Im sure I will let yall know as soon as we do it!

Lastly, some of yall have been asking for some picts of how our floors turned out.....we are very happy with the results. What do you think??

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Our Winter Adventure

It snows in Winston Salem several times a year..... but it does not ever stick, and if it does, it is not more than an inch. Winston usually has more of a problem with ice... but not Sunday night!! It started snowing around 8...and it was still snowing when we went to bed. The snowflakes were was beautiful!! We got about 5 inches. The above picture is of our front yard!
These are pictures from Sunday night....

And these are pictures from Monday morning when we woke up.....

Everything closed and most people got to stay home and play.... but unfortunately a hospital can't close. As a matter of fact, b/c of the ice problems our area has, our hospital has a very strict policy on inclement weather...if you are concerned you may not be able to get back to the hospital than you should not leave the hospital. They provide us rooms if we request them. SOO... thankfully, Joey being from WV, is used to driving in this.... so we left home an hour early and began our journey to the hospital.

The roads where we live were not bad, so I was able to take some picts and enjoy how beautiful it was!

The closer we got to Winston, the worse the roads were....

But we eventually made it!